Press Release

MCSW Announces Commonwealth Heroine Class of 2021 Virtual Celebration!

BOSTON – The Commonwealth Heroines are women who don’t make the news, but make the difference. Thousands of women in every community of the state perform unheralded acts on a daily basis that make our homes, neighborhoods, cities, and towns better places to live. Commonwealth Heroines use their time, talent, spirit, and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of others in their community. They are mentors, volunteers, and innovators who strive to protect and represent the interests of seniors, victims of violence, children, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations. They are the glue that keeps a community together.

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women will be virtually celebrating the eighteenth- annual Commonwealth Heroines Class of 2021. MCSW will be hosting Commonwealth Heroines and Legislators in a zoom presentation that will provide opening remarks and a slideshow presentation of the Class of 2021. To encourage family attendance and celebration of our heroines, MCSW will be streaming this celebration “Live” on our Facebook page at 12:00pm on Wednesday June 23, 2021.

The Facebook Live video will be saved on our page and a link will be shared to the slideshow on MCSW social media platforms. The slideshow will include a photo of the Commonwealth Heroine, which Legislator has recommended them and the biography provided to us from Legislators. The program book will also be available on our website for constituents to view and share amongst their friends and families.

Commonwealth Heroines will be receiving a Heroine Package via mail that contains a letter notification of the award, their own printed copy of the program book and certificate to recognize their work within the community.

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women is an independent state agency that was legislatively created in 1998 to advance women of the Commonwealth to full equality in all areas of life and to promote their rights and opportunities. The MCSW provides a permanent, effective voice for the women of Massachusetts.