Now on Youtube! MCSW’s Women in the Workforce Hearing

Thank you to those who attended MCSW’s first virtual public hearing of the year: Women in the Workforce! We heard from community members on a myriad of concerns including childcare, women in STEM, inequitable pay, losing benefits, barriers to employment and more. We look forward to gathering this testimony and sharing it publicly in a related report that is slated to release in January.

MCSW needs your help reaching women in the workforce 

We want to hear directly from women in the work. It is critical that information gathered through testimony and survey data represent all women of the Commonwealth. MCSW is focused on providing legislation recommendations identified for our community, by our community.

MCSW will compile and share the data with our legislators and the Governor’s Office to influence recommendations regarding policies that address issues women and their families are facing during this time. While this data will be shared, you can complete this survey anonymously in any of the six languages below and is estimated to take five minutes:




Haitian Creole:



We are also accepting written testimony 

We strongly encourage you, your colleagues, clients and community members to participate so your voice can be heard and elevated!