MCSW Request for Proposals – LGBTQ+ Report Author

The Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (MCSW) seeks proposals for consultants with experience in report writing, public policy, public health, and candidates who are familiar with our target audience of LGBTQ+ women to help develop a comprehensive report. We will incorporate several issues that LGBTQ+ women in the commonwealth face including but not limited to parentage, economic justice, domestic violence, wage equity etc.  

Application Deadline: January 31, 2023 

Hired By:  

  • Shaitia Spruell, Executive Director  

Reports To:  

  • Shalaya West, Program & Research Director 

Scope of Work: 

Update & Planning Meetings

  • Work will be conducted remotely, and the consultant will attend weekly update meetings and bi-weekly planning meetings to analyze data and support the research process.

Qualitative & Quantitative Research

  • Supports survey creation and distribution. Will also assist in analyzing the survey data.
  • Analyze literature of scholarly articles to support background research on the topic.

Draft/Complete Sections of the Report for Review

  • The consultant will be tasked with drafting and completing several sections of the report alongside the Program & Research Director including the methodology & research, analysis, references & appendix etc.
  • Support the creation, distribution and analysis of the survey.  

Literature Review 

  • The consultant will gather scholarly articles on the topic to help with the background and introduction of the report. This will also support finding gaps that we should include in the report.  

Project Timeframe: 

Beginning January 9, 2023, and ending March 3, 2023. This agreement may be extended by the Executive Director with agreement of the Commission or cancelled by either the Executive Director or the consultant with 30 days written notice.  


The consultant shall be paid a stipend of $2,000 for the completion of the report.   

Application Process:  

To apply please email your resume, cover letter and writing sample to Shalaya West, Research & Program Director at by January 6, 2023.