Back to School with the MCSW

Dear MCSW Family:

It’s hard to believe that September is already here. After a lively Spring where we celebrated our 25th anniversary gala together (have you seen the professional photos from the event? Gorgeous!) fought for women and girls all across the Commonwealth at MCSW’s Advocacy Day 2023 and celebrated more than 125 incredible local women making the difference in their communities as this year’s Class of 2023 Commonwealth Heroines – this Spring was one for the record books.

But as the still relatively new Executive Director of the MCSW, I wanted to set an example for my team, for this Commission, for young women of color in leadership across the state. I wanted to be intentional about resetting and ensuring our team had the ability to both enjoy the summer and get ready to launch an exciting new year. Much to my proud delight, our new team is evolving – we formed (a team of 7 — for the first time in the Commission’s history), we stormed (what a whirlwind this Spring was!), we normed (we’re getting to know each other, our collaborative work styles, and how we work best as individuals and as a team) – and now we perform.

As a result, it is my honor to present the MCSW 2023-2024 Program Year Calendar. You can view the upcoming events, hearings, and public meetings slated for the year to come.

As my eldest son Aaden heads off to school, and I juggle childcare of my youngest son with the responsibilities of a working mom of two – I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside all of you to fight to improve every aspect of our lives. From the Common Start Bill, fighting for comprehensive early education and childcare, to the I AM Bill, fighting to ensure access to free menstrual products without stigma, our 2023-2024 legislative priorities are just the tip of the iceberg.

We’ll be hosting another slate of public hearings across the State – in Dartmouth this fall, virtual over the winter, and in Gardener in Spring of 2024. We’ll also be hosting a virtual report briefing on our LGBTQ+ data – a comprehensive report on the state of the LGBTQ community two years in the making. These public hearings are vital for us to connect with women across Massachusetts who have an idea of how to make something better. Use your voice. Stand with us. Be heard.

That’s the spirit I’ll carry with me into this school and program year. Working hard to make our corner of the world a little better, amplifying the voices of those closest to our most crucial issues, and doing whatever we can to support grassroots advocacy that impacts the lives of all women and girls.

Let’s get to work! I hope everyone has a safe and happy school year.

In solidarity,

Shaitia Spruell
MCSW Executive Director