Event Announcement

Celebrating Earth Day 2024

MCSW Commissioner Leslie-Ann McGee is the Director Special Projects, Marine Facilities and Operations at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

In December of 2023, Commissioner McGee was in Dubai for COP28! Officially, COP 28 stands for the 28th meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Commissioner McGee is managing the conference’s second-annual Ocean Pavilion, which brings together world leaders in ocean science, engineering, and policy to carry the message that the ocean matters to everyone, everywhere and that science must lead the way in our quest for safe, long-term solutions to climate change.

Last year, her work made Smithsonian’s Top 8 Ocean Stories of 2022!

This Earth Day 2024, Commissioner McGee celebrates how far we’re come and commits to working together to tackle whatever the future brings.

According to UN Women, a global champion for gender equality, “women’s equal participation and leadership in political and public life are essential to achieving the Global Sustainable Goals by 2030”. As I reflect on Earth Day 2024, I have confidence that women will be the key stakeholder group that ensures a sustainable planet for generations. Fact: increasing women’s participation in elected office has led to more action on climate change; local involvement of women results in better conservation outcomes; and more representation on corporate boards positively correlates to disclosure of carbon emissions information. While my focus is squarely on the role that the ocean plays as the great climate regulator, the impact my gender has on whether we have a habitable planet for our children’s children is central. We can and must do better. Think about how you can get involved in protecting our Earth. And then do.

Commissioner Leslie-Ann McGee