Event Announcement

Celebrating our Inaugural MCSW Scholarship Winners

In honor of our 25th Anniversary the Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women proudly launched the MCSW scholarship program, funded by the MCSW Trust Fund. This program aims to support emerging leaders of the Commonwealth in continuing their education journey to leadership and economic empowerment. Designed to support woman-identifying students already enrolled in a Massachusetts Public Higher Education Institution, scholarships were awarded to help women of the Commonwealth complete their degree and advance their economic and educational futures.

Join us in congratulating these five exceptional women!

Liza Bullock

As a lifelong resident of Brockton, I’ve been deeply rooted in my community, witnessing its evolution firsthand.  Growing up as the youngest in a large family, I’ve learned the value of education from my mom, a steadfast advocate for learning. As a single mom, I’ve devoted myself to raising my son, guiding him to become a proud Marine, embodying the dedication and resilience instilled in our family. Over nearly two decades, I’ve contributed to the Brockton public school system, initially as a paraprofessional and now striving to transition into a teaching position to impact students’ lives further. Despite my dedication, securing the necessary credentials for my teaching aspirations has posed challenges. This scholarship offers a transformative opportunity, bridging the gap between my current role and my professional goals. With the financial support provided, I can pursue the credentials needed to solidify my role as an educator, enhancing my impact on the community. This scholarship holds immense significance for me, fulfilling a lifelong dream as the first in my family to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. It honors my mom’s legacy and the values she instilled in me. By investing in my education, this scholarship benefits not only me but also future generations. Achieving my goal of securing credentials will enable me to make a meaningful difference in students’ lives, ensuring they receive the education they deserve. I am grateful for this opportunity and committed to maximizing its impact professionally and in serving my community. 

Liza Bullock, Bridgewater State University
Expected Date of Graduation: December 2025
Bristol County

Chisom Ifejiofor

My name is Chisom Ifejiofor, I’m a nursing student at Roxbury Community College, where I have been learning how to apply critical thinking skills and empathetic nursing techniques and care for patients, I have worked so hard on this passion, and I have been able to achieve a 3.7 credit unit in school. 
I grew up in a third world country where the low socioeconomic status doesn’t have much access or finances for medical services. 
My lifelong desire is to give back to my community especially women and children, I have a goal to open a free maternity clinic for women in my community. I want to inspire the next generation to have confidence in every challenging step of life and prioritize their health over anything. 

Chisom Ifejiofor, Roxbury Community College
Expected Date of Graduation: May 2025
Suffolk County

Veronica Nault

My name is Veronica Nault, and I am an Environmental Studies student at Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, focusing on Environmental Science. At MCLA, I am currently the Vice-President of the Outdoors Club, President of Gardening Club, and am a research technician for the Environmental Studies department. Outside of school, I have done conservation and trail work in Holyoke and Berkshire County as a youth trail-crew leader. This summer, I will be working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in North Dakota at Chase Lake National Wildlife Refuge. For the past few months, I have been learning how to safely work with and band birds, completing a bird banding internship. Through this I have had the privilege to intern at a banding station in Berkshire County. Overall, I am passionate about conservation work and wildlife protection, which I plan on pursuing throughout my last year of undergraduate education and into the future.

Veronica Nault, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA)
Expected Date of Graduation: May 2025
Berkshire County

Alyda Yim

As an occupational therapy student, I am passionate and driven about providing assistance to others to achieve independence and improve their quality of life. Being a first-generation college student, I draw strength from my mother, who immigrated from Cambodia seeking a better future for our family. Her resilient qualities related to her courage and determination has always inspired me to work hard no matter how difficult life gets. While balancing the demands of occupational therapy school and the responsibilities from my three part-time jobs, I am able to manage my time efficiently while remaining focused on my goals. My family is a core of who I am, as I am fortunate enough to share my journey with my two sisters, two fur babies, and my father who all motivate me each day to keep going. Once finished with occupational therapy school, I aspire to specialize in women’s pelvic health in hopes of empowering and advocating for women across Massachusetts to advance their life within the healthcare system.

Alyda Yim, Salem State University
Expected Date of Graduation: May 2025
Essex County

Emanuelle Zeni

My name is Emanuelle Zeni, a college student pursuing a degree in Political Science studies at Worcester State University. I have a profound passion for understanding the intricate mechanisms that shape societies and governments and hope to attain a career in policy development.

My keen interest in societal structures has led me to pursue a career in politics, and I am particularly interested in advocating for the rights of women, racial minorities and the disability community. The necessity of legal framework engagement resides in the hands of the people, and only the people can make a difference.

Attaining a degree seemed out of my league as a first-generation Latina student, yet all is possible through resilience and hard work. I am honored to be considered a receiver for the MCSW Scholarship Award. This award will help me with the financial hardships that come along with pursuing higher education, thus I am tremendously grateful for this opportunity.

Emanuelle Zeni, Worcester State University
Expected Date of Graduation: April 2025
Worcester County